Supervision Services

In addition to our Write To Order service that can get you a custom track in as little as 48 hours; we’re also pleased to offer full Music Supervision Services for any project you may be working on.

Whether you’re an Indie Filmmaker looking to set exactly the right tone, an Ad agency who needs a trusted a source for your commercial music, or a small time content creator just trying to fill some space in your work; let us worry about the music while you focus on the rest.

Our Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Django, leads the supervision team.

As a long time fan and avid consumer of visual media, Django has always wanted to be connected to the Film/TV world in one way or another.

In school he briefly studied Film Scoring before, upon realizing his love of the idiom and his ability to perform music didn’t necessarily translate to an aptitude for composition, ultimately landing in the business department.

Thankful to finally be a part of this industry, Django is here to put his 20+ years of music experience and his countless musician connections to use on your next project!

Mentoring the team and providing some much needed old school wisdom to the table is long time industry veteran Robert Williams.

Robert took an interest in our Co-Founder Jason Threm while Jason was working at his booking agency, WBA Entertainment. After leaving the booking world to pursue production full-time, Robert offered Jason a publishing deal with his company Music for the Future. Ever since, Robert has been a trusted mentor, an invaluable source of information, and a great friend to our company.

Accolades and Experiences include:

  • RIAA member
  • 1 Grammy win and 3 Nominations in that last 7 years as an Executive Producer
  • Joint Venture Agent for the Leningrad Film Studios
  • Agent/Television Packager for the Montreal Comedy Festival ‘Just For Laughs’
  • Television and film work (HBO and Showtime)
Connor Belle is our resident Music Supervisor

He’ll be working with you closely from beginning to end to ensure we find exactly the right sound for your project.

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