Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson

Fairbanks, AK | Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Indie-Pop

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An encounter with Emily Anderson’s music is unmistakably a magical affair. And while she has no shortage of credentials to back the claim—a gifted multi-instrumentalist, prolific songwriter, and graduate of the esteemed Berklee college of music in Boston—Emily has in tandem something arguably more important: something pure, distinct, and extraordinary to show us.

Like stumbling into a rose garden on a trek through the arctic, listeners of Emily’s music find themselves helplessly lifted into a world so hauntingly familiar, and yet so enchantingly curious. With a voice of untouchable purity and lyricism of remarkable wit and poignancy, Emily cradles matters of the human heart with an almost impossible sweetness.

After many years of studying songwriting & music business in Boston, and with several tours and recording projects under her belt, Emily has returned to her native Fairbanks and risen to deserving prominence in the tightly knit music scene in Alaska. In fitting testament to this, she received the Rasmuson foundation’s individual artist award in 2016 to assist her in making a full-length album. This new record, simple things, perhaps her most ambitious and stunning project to date, is available for streaming and download everywhere.