Elisabeth Beckwitt

Elisabeth Beckwitt

Nashville, TN | Indie-Pop, Singer-Songwriter

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From her childhood in Massachusetts to her adulthood in Nashville, TN, Elisabeth Beckwitt has battled anxiety, depression, and addiction. With her first EP, “Gray Again,” Beckwitt openly confronted her demons so we could all feel a little more comfortable talking about our own. She followed that up with her summer 2019 EP, “Indigo,” where she showed us the struggles of saying goodbye to those demons and the strength that it takes to love ourselves.

Now, less than two years later, we’re sixteen songs in and beginning to see the full picture of this tapestry Elisabeth has woven; with the latest release, “Other Side Of Sober,” showing us just that. What life is like on the other side of recovery. The good, the bad, the vulnerability, the strength, the doubt, the frustration, the grief. All of it.

Between leading one of the fastest growing local communities in town, her rapidly expanding catalog of music, sharing the stage with national touring acts, and her success both streaming and on local radio; it seems we’ve only scratched the surface of what we can expect from the Eastside’s favorite Pansexual Queen.